Godard as Architect

Villa Malaparte Capri

Film director Godard’s has shown a keen interest in buildings througout his filmmaking career. His films reflect his interest in spaces, how they change and how their changes affect us. Below Richard Martin – essay, writer and lecturer  (author of The Architecture of David Lynch) examines Godard’s use of architecture in films including À bout de souffle (1960), Le Mépris (1963) and Week End (1967).

Watch classic Jean-Luc Godard films mentioned in the video on BFI Player.



velvet and silk cafe, Berlin


Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich , his professional and personal partner, were commissioned by the Association of German Silk manufacturers to make a stand for the German Silk industry exhibition on the theme of “Die Mode der Dame“ (Women’s Fashion). The exhibition stand at ‘Café Samt & Seide’ (Velvet and Silk Cafe) in Berlin and also operated as a café at the end of the main hall.


…..thinking of a new project
architecture, female architects, modernism
making films, making structures,
maybe screens
geometry, colour, nature, urbanism, utopia
female take on modernism

France – Eileen Grey > Ireland > Paris > London > Roquebrune-Cap-Martin > Menton
Germany – Lily Reich > Berlin > Vienna > Paris > Cologne > New Jersey
Germany – Marianne Brandt > Chemnitz > Weimar > Paris > Norway > Berlin
Germany – Gunta Stölzl > Munich > Weimar > Italy > Krefled > Dessau > Zurich

Brazil – Lina Bo Bardi
Finland – Raili Pietilä

travel, dusty light, scented scrub
glass, concrete, curtains, screens, shadows

interim session

Angela and I met up prior to the interim meet up at the Lamb Inn and spent some time talking about teaching, something we both do quite a bit of. It was also a good opportunity to share what we had been doing. Angela is building up her wordpress site and we talked over difficulties of inserting galleries into a post neatly – the problems of not seeing what you are doing until it has been updated. This also proved a good opportunity to see a selection of the work Angela did for her PHD – and we discussed how that worked out for her.
I showed her some informal video clips that I made in the studio – and it was fun to see that they looked like I’d applied an ‘effect’ but in fact I’d just filmed through glass bricks ….. have not been very good at focussing – but did cut my doll’s house in half this week ! it’s only taken me about 18 months to get around to doing this ! 
 Also have to say that earlier in the week I had a very productive, inspiring and supportive 1 2 1 with David Kefford – which has really made me look back at some of my work and given me more confidence about revisiting some of the themes and ideas. Tonight’s interim meeting was a good chance to catch up with other participants and generally get to hear about what the others had been thinking about and doing.

buddy scheme


…met Angela Rogers for second time today – we have been paired up for the Blue Monkey Network buddying scheme and we have around 6 weeks to get to know each other, talk about our practice and generally chivvy each other along !  Our aim was to visit the William Scott exhibition at Jerwood, but after a wet and windy walk from the station we found that it was shut – exhibiting how well Judith and Anne had paired us – we both confessed to  not really thinking about checking if it was open ! so we dropped in at my studio for further talk and looking at each others work …. rather an unnerving experience as it felt like jumping in the deep end with someone you don’t know very well …. we looked at Angela’s iPhone movie clips which were very poised and careful, reflecting a strong attention to detail and composition… it took me a while to absorb what she was doing and they seemed complete within themselves – the use of double images and sideways imagery were particularly interesting – I think next time she comes to Hastings we could try putting them through the projector. We talked a great deal about scale, the problems of using different programmes, how filming time/editing time/viewing time seem to expand and contract in weird ways and how it can be difficult to shrug off the dominating power of cinema and TV. We looked at my recent bit of film, a few photoshop images and my stringy installation in the side room – it was good to be able to show a range of things very simply – we agreed to email each other on Mondays – with each of us requiring the following prods !

Angela – wants to develop her blog and wants to be reminded of it as well as continuing to explore her iPhone movies.

I wanted her to remind me to finish some things before launching into something else ! seem to have a lot of half finished and possibly half baked things on the go – need to consolidate and even finish some stuff !

….balclava gallery

Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 14.58.03

….seem to have applied for loads of things recently – a few even working out ok – the latest as weekly feature at Balaclava Gallery an online gallery for artists working with digital  media has been interesting. They have used Twitter a couple of time a day to alert other users of the exhibition and get visitors to their site – all good practice according to recent social networking workshop  (for 3rd Sector) that I went to recently – the secret is to keep doing it – over and over again – which is not practical at work but might worth investing time in when exhibitions etc come up….

Balaclava ‏@BalaclavaGallry20 artist this week is @sh_aron24 whose practice uses combinations of digital media to create installations…



…am suddenly loving my Photoshop ! after years of using it in quite pedestrian and functional ways am now using loads of old photos to make montage/collages ‘photoages’ even …… never really knew what to do with all the photos I’ve taken but it’s quite interesting to combine holiday photos with random ones taken here and there + Image the odd pic from the internet and create something ….slightly odd !

. . . 2013

death-a-self-portrait-wellcome-collection-family-p1 .. not so good at keeping this up to date anymore ….. but think it could act as an online note book where stuff is stored for later use and or reference. Went to Welcome Collection to see exhibition called Death; A Self Portrait – good to see a show with a real mixture of paintings, sculptures, cultures etc

guy sherwin

8/2 a Day in London  . . . was cold and did lots of walking but glad I got to Camden Arts Centre to see the expanded cinema stuff curated by Guy Sherwin. Found a video of his ages ago on vimeo or youTube – ‘Man in the Mirror’ and loved it – so,  good to see his work in situ and some other interesting stuff too – particularly the moving blind with slide projector – lovely !

. . .post MA

sharon haward
…think I might just carry on with this blog for a while longer – it has been a good place to store information and reflect on projects, exhibitions etc. Suddenly felt at a loss mid -September, having no course to go back to, no twice weekly trips to Brighton for stimulation etc and so between finding enough paid work and developing work in the studio I now have a bit of a gap for head stuff!
Have spent summer making work for Coastal Currents, running the end of the world project at the studio which was very successful and we got loads of visitors and great feedback (despite not getting ACE funding 3 times !) just wondering where we can go with it now. Also tested out one of the projects I did for my MA at St Mary in the Castle – got a screen and projector stand made by lovely Richard and presented the Processing sketch/webcam thing – worked quite well in the dimly lit and rather creepy crypt area – so people entering the space could see the space and people behind them as they got closer to the screen – had great link up to a huge amp and speakers and was able to develop the accompanying sound track to give nice loud breathing building soundtrack which faded as the light entering the webcam reduced. Needed more time, as always, to set up and as I walked home afterwards thought of a much better way of presenting it !