Project update

Seems like this project has been gestating for a long time – interuptions due to all sorts of real life stuff – anyway the stimulus for the project continues to shift and change and we’ve settled on Eileen Gray, Marianne Brandt, Lilly Reich and Gunta Stolz. There is something appealing about their overall Europeanness – am not sure what I mean by this, but it combines a perhaps utopian view of the future and a desire to create things of considered quality that everyone can have and enjoy (clearly all this was an ideal as much of it was too expensive to produce in an industrialised world) but the intention in many cases was there.

Am becoming more intrigued by these women, their creative lives and their relationships  – was relieved to find I am not alone in thinking that the more day-to-day elements of surviving and forming relationships, though perhaps less formal/academic/objective, offer interesting insights into their lives and actually inform us about particular ways of thinking and working that are fundamentally connected to living in the world.  Carol Jacobi at the Tate is particularly inspiring when discussing how perhaps male artists have suffered  from overly objective and formal discourse focusing on their work rather than an exploration of the relationship between their life and their work, whereas women artists have suffered from being seen as models, muses, pupils, lovers, wives of men and their work viewed as a kind of side show.


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