interim session

Angela and I met up prior to the interim meet up at the Lamb Inn and spent some time talking about teaching, something we both do quite a bit of. It was also a good opportunity to share what we had been doing. Angela is building up her wordpress site and we talked over difficulties of inserting galleries into a post neatly – the problems of not seeing what you are doing until it has been updated. This also proved a good opportunity to see a selection of the work Angela did for her PHD – and we discussed how that worked out for her.
I showed her some informal video clips that I made in the studio – and it was fun to see that they looked like I’d applied an ‘effect’ but in fact I’d just filmed through glass bricks ….. have not been very good at focussing – but did cut my doll’s house in half this week ! it’s only taken me about 18 months to get around to doing this ! 
 Also have to say that earlier in the week I had a very productive, inspiring and supportive 1 2 1 with David Kefford – which has really made me look back at some of my work and given me more confidence about revisiting some of the themes and ideas. Tonight’s interim meeting was a good chance to catch up with other participants and generally get to hear about what the others had been thinking about and doing.