buddy scheme


…met Angela Rogers for second time today – we have been paired up for the Blue Monkey Network buddying scheme and we have around 6 weeks to get to know each other, talk about our practice and generally chivvy each other along !  Our aim was to visit the William Scott exhibition at Jerwood, but after a wet and windy walk from the station we found that it was shut – exhibiting how well Judith and Anne had paired us – we both confessed to  not really thinking about checking if it was open ! so we dropped in at my studio for further talk and looking at each others work …. rather an unnerving experience as it felt like jumping in the deep end with someone you don’t know very well …. we looked at Angela’s iPhone movie clips which were very poised and careful, reflecting a strong attention to detail and composition… it took me a while to absorb what she was doing and they seemed complete within themselves – the use of double images and sideways imagery were particularly interesting – I think next time she comes to Hastings we could try putting them through the projector. We talked a great deal about scale, the problems of using different programmes, how filming time/editing time/viewing time seem to expand and contract in weird ways and how it can be difficult to shrug off the dominating power of cinema and TV. We looked at my recent bit of film, a few photoshop images and my stringy installation in the side room – it was good to be able to show a range of things very simply – we agreed to email each other on Mondays – with each of us requiring the following prods !

Angela – wants to develop her blog and wants to be reminded of it as well as continuing to explore her iPhone movies.

I wanted her to remind me to finish some things before launching into something else ! seem to have a lot of half finished and possibly half baked things on the go – need to consolidate and even finish some stuff !