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….seem to have applied for loads of things recently – a few even working out ok – the latest as weekly feature at Balaclava Gallery an online gallery for artists working with digital  media has been interesting. They have used Twitter a couple of time a day to alert other users of the exhibition and get visitors to their site – all good practice according to recent social networking workshop  (for 3rd Sector) that I went to recently – the secret is to keep doing it – over and over again – which is not practical at work but might worth investing time in when exhibitions etc come up….

Balaclava ‏@BalaclavaGallry20 artist this week is @sh_aron24 whose practice uses combinations of digital media to create installations…



…am suddenly loving my Photoshop ! after years of using it in quite pedestrian and functional ways am now using loads of old photos to make montage/collages ‘photoages’ even …… never really knew what to do with all the photos I’ve taken but it’s quite interesting to combine holiday photos with random ones taken here and there + Image the odd pic from the internet and create something ….slightly odd !