. . .post MA

sharon haward
…think I might just carry on with this blog for a while longer – it has been a good place to store information and reflect on projects, exhibitions etc. Suddenly felt at a loss mid -September, having no course to go back to, no twice weekly trips to Brighton for stimulation etc and so between finding enough paid work and developing work in the studio I now have a bit of a gap for head stuff!
Have spent summer making work for Coastal Currents, running the end of the world project at the studio which was very successful and we got loads of visitors and great feedback (despite not getting ACE funding 3 times !) just wondering where we can go with it now. Also tested out one of the projects I did for my MA at St Mary in the Castle – got a screen and projector stand made by lovely Richard and presented the Processing sketch/webcam thing – worked quite well in the dimly lit and rather creepy crypt area – so people entering the space could see the space and people behind them as they got closer to the screen – had great link up to a huge amp and speakers and was able to develop the accompanying sound track to give nice loud breathing building soundtrack which faded as the light entering the webcam reduced. Needed more time, as always, to set up and as I walked home afterwards thought of a much better way of presenting it !