…what am I doing ?

have spent so much time in front of computer tweeking sound, movie, processing sketches etc and not really speaking much – feel like a hermit and am wondering what on earth I am doing ? why am I doing this ? what does it mean ? what am I trying to say ? have reached a kind of interim stage of uncertainty and indecision struggling to make much sense of any of it but having to trust something vaguely coherent and interesting will pop out the other end ! there are so many points at which bits of the project could fail and the frustration lies in not being able to tackle them until we have the spaces built – have found that the interesting bits happen in the last few days – but relying on this is a risky strategy when you’re dependent on other people and their kit, skills etc.


bank holiday ennui . . .

. . .well have found it surprisingly easy to have a few days off and not think about work in any shape or form …. just focusing on food, fresh air and avoiding any monarchy related festivities (the later being harder than you would thinK !) also reflecting on lecture by Anna Hill who has had a strange and diverse career researching stuff at European Space Agency, and developing a career as a design entrepreneur and trying to get money from venture capitalists to fund her work and projects. . . both EPA & VC seem alike in that they are largely closed worlds with specific ways of thinking, but interesting that people like Anna are making forays into these strange worlds.
…very pleased to have discovered openculture site http://www.openculture.com/cultural_icons which has loads of free movies, lectures, e-books etc ….