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…seem to be struggling with creating a space to work in – am really bad at being able to envisage space and seem to be making a big fuss with measuring and model making . . . interesting to discover that the small space that interests me is that which exists between the site/venue/building and the thing that I create in response to it – so the whole thing about making a box to show the work in means it all feels a bit flat ! although have made a model and paced it all out in the studio it is impossible to tell whether the whole enterprise is going to work or if it is just going to be rather ‘slight’ ! anyway good job I got around trying to get Processing onto my old computer because have discovered it doesn’t have an up to date Java thing so can’t run it at all – hoping therefore then that media centre is going to have a load of laptops to borrow !


. . .documenta 10

… interesting selection of work by Lisa Roberts, Jordan Crandall etc – Crandall’s work looks quite similar to what I am aiming for but somehow it looks rather dated ! hmmm … struggling to edit bits of film – have to condense 35 mins down to about ten mins – always hard to keep on track – easy to get distracted with editing. Am going to need a longish space so I can back project them pick up audience in front of moving images and re-project …..

… been looking at some interesting artists – Micahl Rovner, Marco Brambazilla, Jim Campbell, looking for ideas really – am struggling to picture the work in a space –

… so having filmed a bit of dlwp for this last project need to work out how to project and be ‘available’ to a webcam to re-show . . . will need 2 projectors to see if it will actually work ! Seem to have got the Processing code sorted – which is a relief, was beginning to think handling video in Processing might be a big headache but have used jmcvideo which so far seems good – with lots of help from Mike, of course ! Need to have a loose action plan so when I go back to refilm I have a set of guidelines to work to. Prob needs to be slower and less jerky than the bits I have currently got. Also need to think how much I want to go for a ‘real’ audience in the film look – don’t want it to be too naturalistic – aiming for a more poetic sensibility rather than literal one.
good talk by Natalia Buckley – v confident and enthusiastic; she’s working at Lighthouse on a office bot, and the other stuff about random walks. . .her suggestion about trying things out in real life before embarking on technological models seemed to make sense.