. . . lis rhodes

have booked to go to her tour/talk at ICA in March – am pleased to have been so pro-active for a change !


. . . 7000+ words !

@c + lia live @ ars electronica 2007

… just crept over 7000 words for fist bit of dissertation handed in this week . . . am beginning to get into a rhythm now but is has taken a really long time to get to the stage where I can zoom back and forth between authors,idea and thoughts . . . just need to keep going for next 1000+ ! also surprised and delighted to have found Lev Manovich’s Don’t Call it Art: Ars Electronica 2003 in which he says – ‘At the end of the day, if new media artists want their efforts to have a significant impact on cultural evolution, they indeed to generate not only brilliant images or sounds but more importantly, solid discourse. That is, they need to situate their works in relation to ideas that are not only about the techniques of making these works. The reason that we continue discussing Duchamp’s urinal or as Paik’s early TV sculptures as though these works were created today has nothing to do with the artistic and technological skills of these artists – it has to do with their concepts.’ This throws up all sorts of questions about the relationship between contemporary art and those creating art in a within a digital context – and confirms a certain sense of dislocation that I have sensed between the two fields – he goes on to say ‘ the festival itself, in my view, did not encourage the real dialogue between new media art and contemporary art, simply because it did not include anybody from the latter field.’ and you have to ask why not ? Anyway this was written nearly ten years ago so maybe things have changed, but it has helped when researching the role/existence of an avant-garde in both in the field of digital/software art and in contemporary art.


…weird sound


think this might have the sound effect Mike was talking about when we discussing making a really low frequency sound – something to do with the sound waves from 2 things/speakers not being in synch so a discrepancy occurs which creates an unsettling sound (am utterly out of my depth with sound waves/amplitude etc).

…5201 …….

only another thousand words to go ! have spent many long hours in library slowly plodding through this – so different to when I wrote my last dissertation 30 odd years ago – using pen and paper, consecutive thoughts and sentances, all written perched on a stool in my studio as my paintings dried  – all very old school ! this time it’s all cut and paste, a bit of a this and a bit of that, fractured thought patterns – maybe the result mosaic research methods – hyper-linked from here to eternity and actually getting nowhere fast ! trying hard not to go back too far and get caught up in the stuff I already know – like Cubism, Expressionism etc and really need to push towards more recent developments experimental film, video art, Fluxus and what ever is avant-garde today …. anyway lots of distractions in the library books on film, visual studies, poetry, broadcastings, audio, hard to keep my eye on the ball.

Talk by Invisible Flock was ok – though not really sure what they are after – seems to be just technical stuff -don’t think I have the right skills or enough time to get involved. Mike got us started on final unit – hard to believe its all coming to an end …feel like technology is a mostly incomprehensible and like a runaway, shape changing truck where I might just get a miniscule understanding of how maybe to turn the radio on for a day or two ! anyway Mike got us thingking about how to approach the final unit and put on some kind of installation/ show and referrred us to various artists working in different fields. So am looking forward to getting the dissertation out of the way and gettings stuck into this last phase … and maybe thinking about what to do next !


…now time to get head down and get writing – good feedback from Dan but the tightish dealine of 2 weeks is rather alarming. Discussion centred on avant-gardism, the main theme of my diissertation, which we desided was a bit like being ‘cool’ in that if you think you are ‘avant-garde’ there is a fair chance your aren’t ! so any artists to look at from Picasso, Duchamps, Fluxus movement,Sensation exhibtion etc all quite complex especially if you throw in concept of being subversive, and being seen as subversive… Spent about 5 hours in library yesterday and am not sure I added much to it – took a while to pick up the tracks of my thinking …. plenty of distracting books and magazines to while away the time – must try harder tomorrow.

… presentations

… surprised to have got this far and actually have someting to show ! Lighthouse very kindly let us use their premises to present our work – and it was good to have the space and technical help to set everything up. I struggled quite a bit with ‘Beyond the Screen’ and it took ages to find a way to use/develop/experiment with the different programmes that we were introduced to. Had a fair number of confusing and headspinning hours struggling inadequately with all sorts of codes and stuff … anyway eventually a glimmer of light arrived in the form of the web cam application in Processing and it all came together – but not without a lot of help from Ben & Mike.
… it’s always rather humbling to realise that my own small struggles are at least made in a discpline that I vaguely understand and am familiar with and in my first language – for the reat of the class, who mostly don’t have an arts background and/or are doing it in a foreign language, the quality of the concepts and their application to their chosen digital media is really surprising and refreshing …


… always good to meet people with a passion and Cheryl Gallaway is mad about HTML and uses it very visibly and extensively in her web design business. She says ‘Our design work responds to the dynamic, data-driven landscape that continuously stimulates new forms of interactions and contexts. As a result dynamic content and movement become key determining factors in the design process.’ how wonderful to be so simultaneously succinct, technical and slightly intangable !