. . . lots to do

this looks cool –

… feels like there is quite a lot to get through over the next 6 months – everything is more concentrated and urgent ! Dissertation is perhaps the most worrying as seem to be very slow at pulling ideas and thoughts together with research – feels like I’m meandering along a quite interesting pathway without any real idea about how it all might pan out. Need to get back into routine of spending a day a week in library to get on with it now. Processing stuff is coming along ok – Mike v helpful about getting sound into the sketch and attached to a percentage of pixels ….but the sound increases as it image gets lighter and spent nearly all day Friday trying make the volume increase as image gets darker …. changed all black things to white throughout the sketch but that just made the web images light instead to dark, also tried puttin < rather than > but that didn’t seem to do anything – so will try today to attach the sound to the increasing darkness. ALso seem to have had a series of digital and electrical failures, digital camera only does ‘blur’, video camera doesn’t record, can’t access iPhoto on laptop, car needs a spark plug and rabbit chewed through my power lead – all these things come at once – what’s going on ?

… back to the future

…. good to be back and getting on with beyond the screen, also useful to get some feedback. The Processing stuff is tricky to underdstand but am slowly unpicking and working out to do very simple things. Ben v. helpful at the more complex stuff – would be good to undersand how and why all that works so I can be in control a bit more. Beginning to feel some of this would integrate quite well in my practice and feel relieved that some of it sits well with some the ideas that are evolving in the studio.