. . . learning languages

. . .one step forward 3 back !  learning all these bits of code is a bit like trying to learn chinese and russian with a blindfold on ! anyway yesterday managed to get some video into processing – hurray !  but this morning when I checked it out again, it wouldn’t work . . . then after about half an hour of faffing around dicovered that when I save it, it  had made itself into an arduino file ! what’s that about then ! guess I should have noticed but the sketch was blue rather than grey  – but none of the files work in the arduino state, in that they got error messages but in theory does it mean they could work through the arduino ? so have to make sure I only look at sketches in the sketch folder – which aren’t very well  labelled – anyway some sort of progress is being made though not really interactive – yet !


. . . agony . . .

. . .beyond the screen is proving rather painful – not sure I’m really that interested in interactivity – well interactivity that goes beyond looking listening thinking and moving around ! something rather gimmicky about much of the stuff I’ve looked – however not to be defeated, have spent the afternoon getting 3 LEDs to light up in different sequences – albeit in a rather weedy and half hearted way ! some of it’s beginning to make sense but it’s not sure it’s leading anywhere fruitful – think another trip to Maplins may be the answer – but am soooooo uninspired and utterly overwhelmed with the idea that millions of people (well, mostly blokes) spend their time making ‘weekend projects’ of little gizmos that measure their lives in various ways via a bit of arduino work and acres of code – it’s all very well Lacan saying that women are forever outcast as “other”  – don’t think he realised how much “other” we might be ! I almost feel like another species when I looks at all this stuff !