. . . beyond the screen

. . . hmm not much progress here – have some ideas and plans and been looking at bits and pieces but not much actually being put into motion – where does all the time go ?

Can’t work out why I can’t insert media into this blog anymore – found nice cycling/animation clip and it won’t go in ! do wish people would stop trying to improve everything ! ok looks like its just a hyperlink now and you can’t embed video onto your page. the bicycle animation

this is quite nice too . .  .

Variable 4


. . . dissertation

. . . coming on v slowly – but enjoying certain aspects – like Claire Bishop on Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics and now that she mentions the absence of Sierra and Hirschorn from Bourriaud’s côterie it seems v odd that they  seem to be outsiders – though I find them both much more interesting than Gillick and Tiravanija – who both have a vaguely  Habitat feel to them.


…all very pleasing when it goes right – little exact immobile squares, twirly, swirly shapes, vibrating and twittering lines, saturated colour bouncing around in random ways – the manic depressive version of spirograph! I  was pleased that I could import an image this time – struggled at home with that last year … but once I’d got it to spin and 2 images to slide across each other I felt  at a bit of a loss – absolutely no idea what to do next ! and for me the endless fiddling around with variable colours, shapes, patterns is all lovely and can fill up the hours and days easily but ultimately all rather well ……. meaningless. Obvisously if I had a great idea of how to use it then it would be more interesting and it can just be tool to get you somewhere else – like being fed into a arduino to do something interactive – scarey stuff !

…arduino’s – again

Like this diagram from hackaday.com

Well….after buying an arduino kit and blithely assuming I could follow online tutorials etc am begining to feel a bit of a dunce and a bit annoyed ! there are nice diagrams and schematic pictures and words and stuff on their website  but there is the odd stray wire that doesn’t do anything (but I don’t know that !)and they use a different breadboard and it feels like a little knowledge appears to be a dangerous thing ! don’t think I’ll blow myself up but the tutorials, described as great for creative types, assume you know something – well I know there is electricity, you shouldn’t mix it with water and I can even wire a plug but that is the extent of my knowledge. Ben is fabulously useful – just a shame he doesn’t live next door .  Took my son to look around local 6th form college and suggested he might like to take electronics for ‘A’ Level – that would be so useful – but he just shrugged his shoulders and said  ‘Naa s’alright ‘ and headed into a blood spatter demo in forensic science class !

…sound workshop

Found this rather eye poppling and frenzied piece by Cory Arcangel when researching my dissertation and thought it realated nicely with the sound session. Really good session on hearing, listening, recording, editing found sound – though I managed to take some rather lively and interesting street noise & turn it into something quite bland and dull – but never mind – was good to learn how to use GarageBand and produce something in a tight time frame. Other students were much more ambitious and musical, they played with a lot of stuff I didn’t understand – but it was good to see the potential of the programme and the huge range of possibilities.

…eyeball massage

…really like this exhibition with Pipilotti Rist  great use of technology, witty, dreamy, thought provoking, upbeat, futuristic & female, playful, visually engaging, full on and original – such a contrast to some trends in contemporary art which can be dry, dusty, theory led, banal, tortuously pretentious and frankly dull. Also visited George Condo and have been watching Mathew Collings ongoing conversation of facebook about this artist – hard to believe so many people think he’s great – better than Bacon and Guston ! hmmm very surprsing – after the Rist I found it terribly drab, phoney, predicatable, cliched and such a horrible handling of paint – the only relationship the paintings had to the Old Masters he purported to refer to was the use of copious amounts of brown paint. The room with salon tradition of floor to ceiling hanging was interesting in that you could pick off the references to Picasso etc . As for reflecting the madness of everyday life – it was a rather superficial madness rather like those people who are always banging on about how mad they are !  anyway …….