. . .arduinos

So next project – beyond the screen – involves getting our heads around micro-computers – not something I ever thought I’d get into ! Ben and Mike have given quite a thorough introduction of how an arduino might be used and we looked at artists who have used them – Camille Utterback being the one who interested me most – not sure if I can get to that level but have ordered an arduno kit and will give it a go – not sure how or even when ! annoying to have missed a lesson last week and am having to work it all out via you tube tutorials and arduino website – but so far have got it blinking so that’s a start.





Not really sure how I might use this kind of thing …maybe sensors that start things happening triggered by movement or sound might be a good place to start thinking about applying this stuff to my existing practice. Do sometimes long for something that smells and makes your hands dirty – the digital stuff/screen stuff is sooooo clean, pretty coloured and sparkley !


. . .september 2011

..and the second year comes around rather too quickly – intended to keep this blog up and running over summer but didn’t have time. So a late return to catch up and keep track of what’s what ! Visited and saw masses of art over summer – 3 days at Venice Biennale was fantastic but quite ‘filling’. Got round most of Giardini and Arsenale in a day each and stand out works include the fabulous Thomas Hirschorn,

quite enagaging Mike Nelson (though having read articles about it before I went, it was just like the pictures/text – no surprises). Also liked mad German Pavilion and a quiet low key but one of the few digital artworks, by Haroon Mizra particularly the floor piece with film – the rest were like science museum toys but the floor piece was intruiging. 

Also went to Folkestone a couple of times, to view the Triennial and to be part of the Fringe activities – a strange town which probably dies in the winter – but plenty of interesting art when the triennial is on – liked the Bell by AK Dolven and Zineb Sidari’s lighthouse piece .