. . . what next !

. . . last nine months have gone past in a flash and feel that I am in a v. different place to when I started the course – an infinitely more confusing and fragile place – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The general sensation is of going over hurdles and each hurdle is very important, interesting and exciting but once over it there’s no time to look back and ponder ! I guess the time for ponder is when you end up in an old people’s home with dribble at the corner of your mouth and nothing much else to do beyond joining the fun singalong !

Agentesse – first chapter over for a bit – had great support from Sam and Paul – and big thanks to Sam for playing along so wonderfully ! it was all a v. big learning curve and although enjoyable and testing, rather a full-on activity ! need to have a couple of free weeks to get the next one going – though I thought the kind of ad-hoc take a photo wherever I was and fill in the details later worked quite well – also enjoyed the very live aspect of dev. the story as I went along , did seem uninteresting to write a whole storyboard for it prior to making it live. Got some useful feedback – which has been really valuable. So . . . on to the next thing and ne’er a backward glance !

Next thing is prob. dissertation – if I can be disciplined enough to make a start – or indeed have the time – that’s if I can remember what I wanted to do ! Dan took us through whole blah-di-blah of dissertation stuff – seems quite daunting to be coherent, analytical and knowing for more than a few hundred words which is about all I have been used to. The others have some nice idea – esp. Sebastien’s digital decapitation – so appealing. Not sure if I should head for stuff around artists subverting digital media to make art – not really sure artists subvert anymore – when we are all so postmodern everything is ok and anything goes ! not much meat there maybe.