. . .presentation

. . .well . . . . some interesting thoughts and ideas knocking around between us first years . . . though it feels like we are wading through a lot of stuff to try and find the thread that will lead us to something useful and maybe interesting to write about. Still not really clear about what I want to focus on – don’t know enough about anything to be sure of ruling out stuff that’s already been endlessly written about – hard to find a fresh angle on stuff you don’t know that much about – but do have plenty of time to read up ! presentations not really my forte – so different being the student rather than the teacher – why is that ? can happily bang on for ages about this and that in ‘teacher’ mode a but feel rather weedy when being a student. My handout was just like something I would do in workshop or class as a way of putting the emphasis on students thoughts and responses . . . and only narrowly avoided spending ages unpicking all the answers – and relating them to artists work – which is what I’d normally do !  think I’m more used to  creating ways for other people to find ways of responding to things/art etc –  and therefore not used to having to formulate things that are about what I think/know/read/surmise etc ! is likely that I am prone to boundless vacillation and found it all jolly hard work !  Funny too that as someone who has been teaching for 20+ years I always start any course by going thoroughly through the assessment criteria so people are clear about what is expected of them  – but did I pick up the booklet and do that very thing as a student ?

Otherwise have done some culturey things in the Brighton Festival – liked the municipal market – nice and dark and slightly eerie – Ataman’s work sat in there nicely too – the planes of swooshing water worked well against the shadowy interior. Liked the relationship between the art and the space – but wonder if I generally really like spaces more than anything else ? but how to make art about spaces/places so very nebulous and tricky ….. loved ‘cunn-crete head’ at grey area – no idea why  – the words swilled round my head for ages – made me laugh and it seemed a bit mad … but in an undramatic way . Trekked out to Portslade and Blast Theory place – enjoyed the sudden dullness and quietness after the hubbub of Brighton – sat by the harbour eating lunch and reflecting on the nature of ‘making stuff’ with wood and sand and gravel etc  Liked the projects BT had on show – partic the complexity of narrative + technology + logistics + apparent chanciness and the clever way they always seemed to turn the often quirky and techie project back to the individual and his/her response to the world – the viewer is a participant not just a spectator – engaging and thoughtful – shame about the cancelled talk though !


. . . stuff

…hmmm what’s been happening since last week ? spent day with Paul trying to think of ways to get agentesse ‘up’ – main problem is having the time to do it – find locations, photograph it, post on various sites and blog – doesn’t sound v. time consumming but it is – or – maybe I’m just incredibly slow ! Paul talked about the tipping point thing – which was useful, and the need to hold the hand of the first few early adopters (was that the word ?) anyway have ordered some moo cards and will try and set aside some consecutive days/times to get it going again.

. . . generally faffing around

. . . thought I was going through a quiet patch but . . . there’s always something to get on with ! agentesse now on facebook – whole idea is beginning to get on my nerves – am sure all the people I am hassling for help feel the same ! still, have a game plan now, but have got perhaps too many links/pages/sites though Rhyo’s idea of have a front page was a good one. Aim to get to Brighton sat/sun to have a look at some of the festival stuff – there seems to be much more visual art and am looking forward to Kutlug Atamen etc. . However the problem about having a day off is,’ do I go and see what’s out there in the world or should I just retreat to studio and do something ?’  Of course could/should spend some of w/end doing presentation stuff for dissertation thing on Tuesday !

. . . faffing around in Belgium

Instead of getting on with Visual Cultures etc etc and Disseration plan have been swanning around Belgium developing an art project with artist Sarah Broome. So good to be doing a proper project and in such a fabulous building (an old fire station which is becoming an arts centre)- everyone very friendly and we were shown around the cultural highlights by Willy from the twinning association – Oudenaarde is twinned with Hastings – which might be a good way to go with our underground project. Managed to fit quite a lot into 3 days including having our cartoons made, sampling local beer, eating lots of frites, visiting local museums,the academy and an unexpected and quick private view in Gent, as well as actually doing some work ! So, now way behind with everything else and back to work rather too suddenly !

Rush job on dissertation plan – but we seem to have ages for that, but now got to get on and develop agentesse. Struggling with the whole project really – but think I will adopt a kind of game plan strategy and see how that works – not sure if it is ever going to be successful but it might lead to something which might work better. Got some useful feedback from presentation session so will try plan b or is it c ?

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