. . . end in sight

. . . have nearly finished my own website – it’s only taken about a million hours ! started by spending ages looking for free websites with flexible design/format etc and ended up using WordPress – and endlessly googling how to make a website/nice picture gallery/take out a post/add a blog on the end but it has kind of worked. Really wanted something simple but having looked at how jazzy a lot of blog/web sites are am wondering if I have been too minimal ? anyway can always change that later. My only critic so far doesn’t like the green or the font – but will live with it a bit before changing. Also just need to find a neater way of showing videos – link straight to vimeo is clunky. Also rather annoying that some of the features of WordPress.com don’t work with WordPress.org – and vive versa – but  anyway available at http://www.sharonhaward.com

. . . and back to lectures with Bernhard Leitner – and his v. impressive array of sound  architecture pieces – lots of stuff about making shapes with sound – (quite complicated  but even more so when he started in ’60’s without aid of digital media). He takes a  quite pure approach both aesthetically and technically – no colour, no bells and  frivolities – just quite lean, measured and scientific. He has created work in some  amazing places like the Hambuger Bahnhof in Berlin, Parc de Vilette Paris and the Danube Temple – as well as featuring in  In the Place of Sound: Architecture | Music | Acoustics with one of my favorite writers on architectural space Juhani Pallasmaa – all that stuff about primacy of vision over oft neglected other senses and how we need to use these other senses to make sense of the world with our bodies (not just our eyes). All v technical, and quite simple visually – would be good to experience in real life.

Not much progress with vis cultures stuff or diss . . . !


. . . secret agent

…actually think twitter is really good for passing on and sharing information, as well as pointing people to particular bits of information – but possibly not the right tool for eliciting any kind of reciprocal game plan. Plan B or is it C now ? is to create a narrative through twitter – the aim being to create a random story using a series of fictional and non-fictional bits of writing eg spy novels, wikipedia accounts of spies – chop and splice it altogether and release a couple of tweets a day – which could be compiled into the blog with added photos (the dressing up and acting it all out is after all the fun bit !) in fact met a photographer who said she’d be happy to come and do some photos for the project – so that’s good. Also thinking of pushing if further by making a weekly podcast – which on the face of it appears fairly straightforward – could add a bit of atmospheric sound too …. now the question is – is it neworky enough – suppose if you can add RSS feed to blog and get people to sign for the podcast it could work.

Still struggling to think of a coherent plan for dissertation thing – maybe I’ll just gather various ideas and thoughts tog and hope that the process of doing that and talking about them might push me in a specific direction.

. . . dissertation

…reading a few bits and pieces to try and get some ideas for dissertation – Dan wants us to give a short presentation on our research plans soon. Started reading DIGITAL AND VIDEO art which is good at giving a historical context to developments in this field – Vera Molinar, Naim June Paik, Tony Ourlser etc have a few soundbites which might be good starting points. Not really sure what I’m interested in ! Also looked at Art & Science which mentions or has work by some of the people we have looked at in lectures – Kira Riley, Paul Brown, Andy Garcia (who I think was involved in the recent art & science project at the Lighthouse). Am  more interested in the more traditional Fine Art applications/appropriations of technology – not sure if this is because I am comfortable with it and it’s familiar – there is plenty here to study just need to find an angle.

Secret agent on back burner – need a game plan – or something !


. . . struggling

. .finding visual cultures and networking practices project tricky, lost initial enthusiasm and it  feels a bit like a dead duck at the moment – not having much success eliciting ‘help’ or ‘players’.I really need to create a clearer plot + clues over a couple of days and just spend time on it –  like  playing monopoly for 48 hours, maybe need to invent more players, but it’s so time consuming. Maybe I should branch out into Flickr and facebook – blimey what a networking overload ! And maybe have a look at Cluedo for help. V sorry to have missed last  session and catch up  with what everyone else is doing – would have been useful to get some feedback. Saw a great idea for video hi-jacking in public spaces eg Times Square, so your mobile has an extra  bit of ‘kit’ and when  you take a photo and ‘tune in’ by holding your mobile up to the video  advert/image, your photo appears, but it was a hoax and an advert for something, could  have worked nicely with this project !  Can’t be that far a way – met some guys recently  who hi-jacked  surveillance cameras – all a bit  complicated but v. effective.