…..flash insanity !

… Input from Jamie very good – all sorts of stuff I already know but good to be reminded that I should actually use/do/remember it all ! no idea where the time goes – thought ‘Ah yes will update axis page and start a twitter thing and look for galleries/spaces to ‘stalk‘ and then it’s suddenly it’s Monday and am rushing to catch up with Flash stuff that I struggled with and Paul sent info for and then realise that I haven’t written 500 proposal or read Zizek and need to ring round and find some work for after Easter  . . . also not updated this page (which is the one thing I can do without struggling). . . . and and and . . . so easily sidetracked  . . . . . anyway Action Script 3 – a complex and demanding thing . . . . a bit like trying to give map directions of a place you don’t know in a language you can’t speak . . .to someone who can’t hear you ….keep making nice coloured squares . . . looking at the script and putting it in and …..nothing ! look at online tutorials and feel there is an enormous hole in my brain where this stuff makes sense . . . . .  not disheartened  . . yet . .  but definitely bewildered – used to teach photoshop to class who ranged from never touched a computer before to moderately confident and wonder if they felt the same !

Had nice day out in London – went to British Art Show which was varied, unusual and thought provoking, had quite a lot of work which was about material and stuff – fab pieces by Karla Black and some engaging paintings plus a few pieces about fictional worlds + a quick run around Susan Hiller – who does surprising things with film and sound but the classification of collected material as art thing is rather dry – this is really popular -art as fictional museum material – all a bit too knowing & really hard to do well. . . . . . so time to get on with something more useful now !


…. have made some progress with studio space – most of stuff in this picture is now gone and we are well on our way to achieving a nice underground studio . . . . . lots of potential. looking forward to hiding away down here and tinkering with my new computer etc ..when I get an inernet connection !




now painted up a bit looking much more suitable

…..Lyotard and a bit of Po-Mo !

. . . .  postmodernism – anything goes, re-mixing, death of grand narrative, attitude rather than historical period, irony, mixing of hi and lo culture etc Modernism in contrast seems much more utopian, positive and full of air and light in contrast to postmodernism’s multi cultural, trans continental, gender bending jumble sale ! interesting to see Pollock and Lichtenstein juxtaposed to illustrate the difference between modernism and postmodernism – have tended to see them as a sequence of one movement after another rather than signifiers of completely different ways of thinking . . . . . Sue back from NY to do tutorials – which went well, good to get some feedback and to talk about where to go next.  A few ideas brewing ……

……applying for dosh, social networking + virtual cutlures

….really valuable session on applying for funding from different organisations – worth being reminded and updated on current practices. Received 3 or 4 ACE grants over the years and they do keep changing the application form and the focus, so it was really good to get up to date. It is all quite hard work but good to see how other people do it.

Sam took us through range of social networking things – lots of stuff out there – not sure why it’s social rather than, say, a contributers network – anyway all good fun if you have lots of time to kill – some of it quite humanising -like the one with a load of twitter feeds showing up with a chosen a key word in them eg love or food etc. Not sure where to go with this unit – few ideas around telling secrets as twitter feeds, or quite fancy swanning around pretending to be a secret agent (not sure why but could be fun) again maybe using twitter and a website with photos – another line of thought is doing some kind of ghost train or haunted trail maybe as twitter or using bits of film and a website – feel there should be some kind of interactivity between me and potential audience . . . imagine none of it will be straight forward – have taken to drawing in the evenings just to do something simple and immediate !

…..moving portraits

'You Be Mother'

….really liked this bit of Magritte-ish film – by Sarah Purcill – kind of quiet and not showy-off … lots of other interesting film portraits including Warhol’s screen tests, Gilbert & George, Richard Billingham, Sam Taylor Wood etc -on now at De La Warr Pavilion Exhibition. Also seen this week Kinetica – full of surprising things, potentially exciting things and some Tomorrow’s World type boffin-ish stuff …… visually quite engaging but perhaps some of it not quite hitting the mark in being meaningful or being memorable beyond being clever. Mangaed to fit in show curated by Simon Starling at Camden Arts Centre – which always feels familiar and friendly – an odd hodge potch of stuff – love Francis Upritchard’s begloved and bejewelled sloth and Mike Nelson’s abandoned settlement – but think it should smell bad and be more dimly lit ! Also very quickly saw Gabriel Orozco – photos were enigmatic and full of sunshiney charm, enjoyed the deflated bits of old tyre which looked rather calligraphic and liked the obituary headline piece – lots of people standing around trying to work out which obituary belonged to who and also very annoyingly lots of young eager arty types standing around the rather lovely chequerboard skull – really close to it – but ALL reading the leaflet and not looking at the work !

…missing week…

….have missed a week ..or is it 2 ? looking back there was Jeremy Radvan who did the digital drawing …and got it to look like charcoal drawing which he then projected through  a processor app. and an ultrathin projector – like 3 in a row -onto a dancer – interesting bit was he could carry on drawing on her as she moved …. and then the stuff about pragmatic action (just something you decide to do) and epistemic action – which extends congnition – like drawing or tetris – dynamic stuff …. all preceeded by a bit of Marshall McLuhan and his ‘the message is the medium’ and I liked the idea of the ‘medium as mirror’  too, art is regarded as a mirror so it all kind of knits tog. somehow – also enjoyed being reminded that Woody Allen made some really good films …. though the cool and hot media thing seems back to front in a yin yang kind of way ….  thought provoking to think how the light bulb changed things so dramatically and we take it so much for granted ! have left this too long and am rambling ……

…..after the event…..

… doing the presentation on the large screen made me very aware of the numerous glitches and inconsistencies …. am pleased I did manage to get to grips, a bit, with flash and have a small website …. albeit one which may require eternal tinkering……it was good to see the work the rest of the classes work and interesting to note how different everyone’s ideas and approaches were – from  serious coding and cavorting cartoons to inky collaged photos and pared down (always difficult) film and sound – all food for thought.    Feel quite inspired to carry on with the Flash and have a few ideas of how to move forward with it -also have lots of bits of film which I didn’t use that could be employed somehow somewhere…. also need to re-do my website – which I could put off for ever but as the hosting thing has run out it is getting urgent.    My head is full of stuff/ideas/images/plans etc just need a bit of space and time to put it in to some kind of order /action….. and now have keys to new studio …. which is v. exciting. Have spent free afternoon re-doing a few things on website and adding another project. Am restricted by the limitations of the site so can’t change the shape/ratio of the site so the title band just sits there rather then striding across the top of the page ….anyway after lots of tweeking and fiddling think it’s nearly there but it’s now full up – so it’s an example of what you can do for free with a template and 20MB (and quite a lot of time !)