portfolio website and haunted dollshouse website now in LINKS



….never really given much thought to archiving ….esp online …but can imagine that all that connecting up of information could be quite satisfying … but does anyone ever keep a paper copy ? I guess it raises all sorts of questions like will cyberspace ever be full up with stuff ? and if it gets full up what happens to the overspill and will information etc just vanish ? and what happens when we run out of fuel and can’t even turn our computers on ? – also thought Michiel’s project Cool Media Talk Show was v. interesting esp. since any kind of mediated talk show is invariably bland and predictable – the format lends itself to proper and interesting debate but it may just take a while for people to get used to the format – can imagine somewhere like Tate Modern running something similar…. love the Yes Men that Michiel showed us – spent the best part of the afternoon looking at their stuff – obv. displacement activity as should be doing
……web authoring stuff, which is coming along ok ish but my new software only arrived yestereday so am gong to have to get going on the Flash tutorials to remind myself what to do for the creative site – though Paul suggested I just have it as a stand alone thing as Flash doesn’t work well as a website …useful info. as all knowledge is power ….. but sometimes it all makes you feel a bit overwhelmed !

glimmers of hope ……..

….v. useful session with Sam which gave me time to talk through problems/ideas/timescale/programs etc think the first go at mini website on moonfruit has set things going in my head – although design is pretty basic it’s a start – but it takes sooooo long to do ! anyway ideas progress apace with creative doll’shouse thing – suddenly…..working it all out in photoshop makes sense as I at least know what I am doing (even though it took me a while to get used to new layout etc) then I can get it somehow into flash – so now need to get Flash and Photoshop on my shiny new computer. Really need to update my website proper …but slightly overwhelmed at thought of condensing 15 yrs work into a couple of comprehensive cool and SEO pages ! less is more – but less takes more time too ……… got a new book on installlations and really like Diane Thater’s work like the optical playfullness of Loriot/Melia and am dead keen on simplicity of Francis Alys ….. been a long time since I have made so little work …. need to get cracking on something soon ……