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closing the gap…….

……so….. have at last dipped toe into website design …ish – have been playing on moonfruit.com which despite its dreadful name offers a chance to build a website with hosting & domain name ……..all free ! playing around with the templates which are quite flexible … I am beginning to connect the basic set-up with the ‘look’ of the site – basically its all v. visual – and scores quite highly on the immediate gratification front !  can sleep now  I know that there is at least something practical I can do on the website front !

digital dithering

….have spent most of day faffing around looking for easy ways to do the website thing ….. can try dreamweaver at work but looks a bit scary …. having a cart before the horse digital conundrum – could buy  adobe student package and learn some of  it – but either need  to update running system and something else on my mac or buy a new mac (need to win the lottery) or see if I can squeeze another few bits of software on my PC and spend the next 6 months fighting my son to get on it !

catching up !

….. just thinking back to session last week ….kate richards – well, she seemed more like a contemporary artist than perhaps some of the previous speakers (opposed to someone who combines science/maths etc to create art…perhaps it’s something about being able to have an overview or a holistic approach ?)  her projects were more than a sum of their parts and there seemed to be ideas behind the work which transcended the digital wizardry – it felt like the digital stuff was a tool rather than the ‘main feature’ – really liked the Life After Wartime project – and the underlying links between this and Bystander and the Wayfarer projects…and I particlualrly like the idea of transforming space into place – which resonates with some the the work I have done in the past …… and then to Baudrillard – enjoyed the carefully composed photo of him which maybe said everything there is to say about images/simulcra /simulation blah blah ….. didn’t really know much about him before and some of what Dan talked about made sense – eg the Disneyland castle stuff  … think I understand this all better when we can pin down examples and look at pictures ! thought of links and connections as I came home on the train but it has all dribbled away since then with the unruly intervention of ordinary day to day stuff !……. yes ….have remembered what I was thinking – Barthes wrote about how french toys prefigure the world of adult functions -soldiers, postmen, housewives, doctors and nurses etc so the child only identifies himself as owner/user rather than creator ….which might suggest why Baudrillard appeared to lack  playfullness/joy-not enough creative play ! …..and so onto Disney, and other, toys/worlds which similarly present adult conceived childhood things which are ready-made …..leaving little room for mucking about with stuff … my kids had loads of fun with a cardboard box that the washing machine came in and it went through various incarnations until it fell apart …. inifnitely more fun than a barbie kitchen …….. my daughter at nearly 20, has a wardrobe of clothes which is no more than an extensive dressing up box – one day she may be a bit Marie Antoinette, the next a touch Sally Bowles !  perhaps Baudrillard needed to play more cowboys and indians !