game for Kenneth and Mary Martin exhib at DLWP


the idea becomes a machine that makes the art

….. Paul Brown’s lecture fascinating – really enjoyed all the connecting elements – autonomous artworks, Tinguely, Lippard, systems, Sol Le Witt, John Cage, recursive universe etc….few years ago I worked on a great Mary and Kenneth Martin exhib. and they used and disrupted mathematical systems, fibonacci sequence etc back in 50’s and 60’s ….. also read Lippard as student but was hooked on From The Centre which was a revelation as I struggled on a Fine Art course run by beardy old blokes doing a bit of landscape painting and avoiding anything vaguley contemporary including their students  ! did really like the formal minimalism of Paul’s numbers on tiles and the self similarity thing…… Matt’s sessions are like stepping into a arcane science fiction laboratory and I love all the strange new words & concepts – like his NC principles -signal not noise, thin slice, niche is the new mass, trajectories over destination, filter and funnel, imperfection combats extinction (a take on Matisse’s ‘extactitude is not truth’ perhaps) favorite to date is ‘take an idea and edgecraft it’ – just like the sounds and combinations of  words ….. also he did give useful advice about being selective and and focussed about developing audiences … all good stuff……wandering whether I could combine the Derive thing with a random systems thing in order to explore a town/city/whatever …..  maybe with signals and info sent by text …….. but maybe I’m suffering information overload / over stimulation …… or even infobesity …..

processing …..

….can see that Processing could be useful and first days training was v. good with plenty of time to try things out … kind of thing, like HTML that you can disappear into for hours on end – I get the principle but can’t imagine getting too involved – but it has made me check out the source of other web pages etc… so that when Matt came in last week and showed us all kinds of augmented stuff, lighting and decorative wizardry all I could think was ‘ (too much); void setup(){ (maths n’ codes !) };   arhhhhh ‘ …    also was thinking that the technology for augmented reality and projection mapping is potentially exciting but creatively it was a bit …obvious.  Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle that Matt mentioned is v. much HD type film with proper production values etc …. but hard to think of any other really forward looking or exciting examples – but maybe I need to look harder ! …..presentations went really well – lots of great ideas floating around – some seem really ambitous …. will be good to see how it all turns out !

weekend thoughts …..

..have been entertained by Joan Bakewell enjoying the Arctic Monkeys and learning how to do beat box (thanks to journalists strike), Laurie Anderson playing in Bexhill, an odd choice of UK town to play,  she was funny, warm and offered a strange mix of sound, anecdote and music, seeing if Situationists or Debord appeared on Simpsons – sadly not but Banksey has done an intro… also think the only really interesting thing about him was the fact that seemed to be  a  kind of anti-celebrity … but can imagine the adrenaline rush of creeping around at night doing graffitti – prob hard to give that up ..St.Leonards has it’s own bucket and spade Banksey, carefully sealed for posterity by sheet of perspex ! but  I prefer the person who goes around painting over it all – an anti grafitti graffittiist ! , also liked House of Vernacular at Fabrica (esp dictator’s planes and weird Brazilian portraits) and looked at poss. studio space in grungy basement which really got me excited ….. there seems to be thread running through all this – not sure what it is yet…. but do need more days in the week and a better job !

SI & Debord

enjoyed the lecture on Debord and the Situationists – touching to think Debord thought he could change society through a bit of dérive and détournament with a bit of communal creativity on the side …. but it’s interesting that all these guys with revolutionary ideas – Debord, Breton, Maciunas etc tended to be such meglomaniacs … and the women were still in the background making the tea and typing up manuscripts, not so revolutionary, like Michèle Bernstien – as Ralph Rumney notes –

Michele had, and has, an extraordinarily powerful and perceptive mind which is shown by the fact that she is among the most important literary critics in France today. A lot of the theory, particularly the political theory, I think originated with Michele rather than Debord, he just took it over and put his name to it.  Men eh !

However a whole day of Flash has left me feeling slow and very dense – I need to look for rythms and patterns and probably very visual analogies in order to get it !  can see the all sorts of  possibilities but will prob. take forever….