myth manners and memory

took my students to this exhibition  at dlwp – part of the Photoworks/BPB and an interesting insight into American South …having seen Spike Lee’s film about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina it is easy to understand how divided the US is and this exhibition reflects that division in terms of landscape, perception and psychology …well worth a visit esp if you can catch Jane Won the curator doing her free talk & talk of alternate wednesdays ..check dlwp website for exact dates – also they are showing some great films about American South … Tenessee Williams stuff, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ ‘Wild at Heart’ etc … now should really being doing proposal for first unit …. and seeking out flash animation for Sam …. done with displacement acivities ….ish for now !


science and clothing …

mmmmm…. have spent ages revisiting some of the work Annick showed us … and felt there was more out there that transcended both science and clothing .. and there is some interesting stuff …esp at high end fashion – I like Mobius dress by J Meejin Yoon and Hussein Chalayan’s mechanical dress … not sure why I’ve been looking really …but  found a nice frock that lights up … reminscent of Doug’s Brian Eno app. !  see video

monday morning

well…..relational aesthetics has got me thinking …. seems as if I have been doing this for a while …partly because
Arts Council grants require some community engagement .. but this element has become quite important in creating relationships and allowing people to take part in art things. But for all his chat about R.A. Bourriaud only exhibited Bob & Roberta Smith (from what I can remember) who practices this way of working in the Tate Triennial ! a cafe/kitchen/dancing etc would have livened it all up no end !